Solar Powered Watches

14 Best Solar Powered Watches 2021- [Truly Unique!]

Solar Powered Watches:

If you are thinking of buying a solar-powered watch, then you will have many questions in your mind?

If you have the following questions in your mind stay tuned with me.

  1. What is a solar-powered watch and How does it work?
  2. How long will a solar-powered watch last?
  3. Does it work even at night?
  4. Pros & Cons of a Solar Watch
  5. And what are some best solar-powered watches?

So lets start!

What is a Solar-Powered Watch? and How Long it Lasts?

A solar watch is powered by sunlight or artificial light, the technology behind it is called solar cell technology. Solar Watches are not only eco-friendly but also have the longest battery life of up to 10 years or more (depends on model & brand), as well as charging a Solar Watch is also very easy. However solar watches are a little expensive than normal battery watches but they do not require a battery change so they cut the maintenance cost.

How Does it Work?

How does a solar watch works
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In simple words, Solar Powered Watches use solar cell technology to convert solar or artificial light to electrical energy. Solar cells are mounted on a solar panel, which is just below one layer of the dial. This solar panel converts sunlight or any artificial light (LED, Fluorescent, or any kind of artificial light) into electrical energy which is then stored in a rechargeable battery to power the watch.

Do They Work at Night?

Solar Powered Watches work non-stop even at night because in the daytime they start charging automatically when exposed to any light. So their battery is always charged unless you keep it in a dark for a long time.

Pros & Cons of a Solar Powered Watch:

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14 Best Solar Powered Watches for Men’s & Women’s-Review:

Although there are many brands in the market that are selling solar watches, the biggest manufacturers of solar watches are CITIZEN, CASIO, and SEIKO.

In this list, we have included some of the most popular solar-powered watches from these three big brands which are not only the best in quality but also pocket friendly for you.

Men’s Best Solar Powered Watches:

1. Casio Wave Ceptor M100DSEBest Affordable Solar Watch:

[wptb id=1410]

This watch is so perfect because at an affordable price it gives you many features and functions with the strong build quality and trust of a well-known brand.

If you go to buy a solar watch with sapphire glass it comes to you a minimum of around £300- £400 the price of this watch is many times less while it uses the best quality sapphire glass. And belongs to a well-known brand.

Usually, in other watches you get just luminous hands, in this, you are also getting backlight which works very well in the dark.

Its solar panel is made of very high technology, due to which it absorbs artificial light very well, and no matter its day or night, it shows the time perfectly.

The best thing is its accuracy because of radio-controlled technology. It keeps a daily synchronization with atomic clock times and tells precise time. It has 6 radio synchronization bands which work very well.

Overall the build quality, looks, functionality, and readability are awesome at a very affordable price. But it is only 5ATM water-resistant so you can take shower with it or wash hands but can not swim.

Pros & Cons

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2. Casio Wave M170TD- Complete Titanium Solar Powered Watch Under £200

[wptb id=1413]

This watch is a complete titanium watch that is too under £200 only. Not only titanium but also it has sapphire glass on the dial window.

Titanium makes this watch lighter and skin-friendly. It is a premium material that looks very expensive and lasts a long time.

This watch does not lose its beauty with time because of awesome scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

This watch is not using any cheap quartz movement, rather the movement is made in CASIO’s own Japanese factory. It is highly accurate and best.

The dial of this watch is so perfect that even on small wrists it does not look too big and bulky. It looks very soothing to the eyes.

Apart from having a good build quality, it is also a solar-powered watch that does not demand battery replacement till the decades gone.

This watch is a bit different because of its LCD display, you can see the time in digital format. This gives this watch a slightly retro look.

Wait this is not it!

It is a radio-controlled watch that works very well with Atomic Time Updates. Overall we can say it is the best value for money watch.

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3. Seiko Men’s SSC139 Excelsior Solar Powered Watch

Solar Powered Watches
Solar Powered Watch
[wptb id=1415]

If you are looking for such a unique watch that is very striking and different from other watches. Then this timepiece is for you.

This watch is not only great in appearance but it is equally comfortable to wear. You can easily adjust the band of this watch with the help of a pin tool.

It is a solar-powered watch that charges very easily and you do not need any battery replacement for many years. Therefore its maintenance cost is equal to zero.

Although there is no backlight in this watch while hands and hour markers are luminescent, which helps you see time in the dark or in low light conditions.

This watch is a little large and heavy too. If your wrist is small and you are looking for a lightweight and small dial watch for yourself, then we will not suggest you this watch.

This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters (330feet) suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not for scuba diving.

Overall the build quality, looks, and design are stunning. Also, the chronograph works well. But the date window is very small and less visible. The alarm sound is also very quiet and not best under the noisy surroundings.

Pros & Cons

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4. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster-BN0150-28E

[wptb id=1417]

This is the best daily wear watch in which you are getting almost all the features.

The main feature which I personally liked is it is best for people who are into water sports as it is 660 feet water-resistant so you can enjoy water sports even scuba diving while wearing it.

The second most important thing is that it starts charging automatically from any artificial light and keeps moving non-stop. You don’t even need to replace the battery ever. So it saves the maintenance cost.

The luminous of this watch is slightly stronger than the other Watches which helps you see the time in the dark very well.

This watch band is made of polyurethane it is comfortable but not as skin-friendly as titanium or stainless steel and does not look very expensive.

The dial window material has mineral glass which is not as good scratch resistant as the sapphire glass but still if you maintain it well then no problem will be there.

Overall the build quality and features are good. The size of the watch is so perfect so it will look good even on small wrists.

Also, CITIZEN is giving you 30 days moneyback guarantee and a Five years warranty on this watch. If you are looking for daily wear a solar-powered watch then you must go with this.

Pros & Cons

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5. Seiko Men’s Solar Powered Watch SNE485

Solar Powered Watches
[wptb id=1419]

If you are looking for a solar watch that has strong build quality, easy to read, simply elegant and affordable, then this watch is best for you.

In appearance, this watch looks sturdy and masculine, but it is very lightweight (5 Ounces) and comfortable to wear.

The most important thing about this watch I felt that it is very affordable and besides being affordable, its quality is much better according to price. Also, it is solar powered so there is zero maintenance cost.

Secondly, I found that its dial is very clean and easy to read and the size of the hour markers is big enough, and also dial color contrast is perfect to read the time at a glance.

In this watch, Seiko uses the Japanese quartz movement, which is very accurate and wonderful. Also with the help of Luminous hands and markers, you can easily see the time in the dark.

Overall this watch is best if you have a low budget and looking for a solar-powered watch with good readability and elegant looks. Also, it has hardlex glass which is comparatively better scratch-resistant than mineral.

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6. Seiko Men’s SNE102 Solar Powered Watch

Solar Powered Watches
[wptb id=1420]

I call this watch a multipurpose watch because this watch not only goes perfectly with your occasional outfits but also fits very well in professional and casual attire.

What fascinates me the most is the beautiful dial of this watch which is very striking and looks different. A highly gold finish with a silver combination and the deep blue dial face is very attractive and eye-catching.

Apart from the looks, the build quality of the leather strap is a little average but the overall build quality is very excellent at this price point.

If we talk about the movement, it also uses the Japanese quartz movement which is very accurate and precise. This watch provides water resistance up to 100 meters.

In addition, you get gold tone luminous hands and hour markers, with the help of which you can easily see the time in the dark or in low light condition.

Overall the build quality is good, looks are good, price is very affordable and also the dial is clean as well as has good color contrast which further enhances its readability. You do not need to replace the battery because it is solar-powered so zero maintenance cost.

Pros & Cons

7. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive AW1236-03A

Solar Powered Watches
[wptb id=1421]

If simplicity means elegance to you then it will be the best fit for your requirement. If you are a person like me who does not like too much complications on the dial then be sure it has a clean and beautiful easy to read dial.

This watch is thin and light weight not bulky at all so if you have thin wrists or medium wrists this watch will look perfect.

The best thing is the price which is very affordable for such beautiful timepiece. This is not like other heavy watches which have big price tag and a complex readability.

Apart from the price and looks the build quality is also great. However, as always citizen has used mineral glass window on the dial which is very less scratch-resistant.

The leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear, it comes with buckle closure so perfect for any wrist size.

It is a solar powered watch and as you know Citizen sells best solar powered watches as they are big manufacturers of solar watches and this watch also justify the quality. You do not need to replace the battery ever.

Overall the watch is best for its price and it is also a multipurpose watch it will look perfect with your professional, occasional, and regular wear. The one drawback is it is just 30meter water-resistant.

Pros & Cons

8. Citizen Avion Eco-Drive CA4210-24E

Solar Powered Watches
[wptb id=1422]

This watch comes with an aviator design which is sophisticated and stylish. It is not for those who like clean and simple dial.

This watch is large enough and best for big size wrists as well as medium size wrist but I will not recommend this to small wrists.

The biggest plus point is the price which is very low and it is solar powered so just open the box and it is ready to go for a lifetime with zero maintenance cost.

Apart from the looks, the leather quality seems to be premium and very original. Because it has calfskin leather which is high-quality leather. Also, it feels good on the wrist with a smooth finish. The brown strap makes this watch look very masculine.

The dial is not too complicated the numerals are big enough and bold enough to read at a glance. The watch has luminous hands and hours markers which help you to read the watch in low light conditions or in the dark.

Overall it is a good value for money watch with good looks, good quality and how can we forget it is solar powered. But as always with Citizen, it has mineral glass protection which is less scratch resistant. Water resistance is OK (100meters).

Pros & Cons

9. Casio Men’s Pro Trek Tough Solar PRG-270-1CR

Solar Powered Watches
[wptb id=1423]

This watch has three sensors altimeter, barometer and compass so it is called an “ABC” watch. To operate all three sensors, it has three separate buttons which makes it very handy and easy to use without any hassle.

The display is clean enough and the digits are also big enough to read at a glance. There is a backlight that works well in dark or low light conditions. It light up the whole face of the watch.

It is a tough solar power watch with a power-saving function. For example, it works the same as any smartphone’s power-saving function. Once you turn it on, it will shut off the display and save the power. This function is very useful at night when you sleep and your watch takes some rest too. By pressing any button the display gets active again.

The straps of this watch are made of plastic but they do not look cheap at all. The feel on the wrist is not as same as leather but they are comfortable on the wrist and very durable also.

Apart from the looks, build quality and comfort, it has various outdoor features which are accurate and great user interface also easy to operate with separate buttons for them.

The price of the watch is not expensive at all. It is a full value for money timepiece. Durable, good looking, solar powered and with wonderful features.

10. G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

[wptb id=1424]

This is one such model of CASIO that has been liked by most people. And there are two reasons behind this. First is the rough and tough build quality which makes this watch a long survivor.

The second reason is, it has great features like atomic clock update, quick battery charge with any light, altimeter, barometer, and compass make this watch more useful in daily life. Also, it is 200meters water-resistant so best for water sports lovers.

Apart from the build quality and features, it has a very masculine design. overall looks are very much striking and catchy. This watch will look good on all your attires whether it’s formal, casual, or occasional.

If we talk about readability then it has a little busy dial and also the numbers are sometimes hard to read in the low light conditions but once you turn the backlight on everything seems perfectly readable.

It is a solar powered watch so gets charged easily without any hassle and works non-stop. You do not need to replace the battery ever which makes this deal more attractive.

Now lets move on to the straps comfort. However the straps are made of plastic but very comfortable to wear. Although it can not give you a feel like leather or titanium but still it is not a big problem.

Please not it is not a small watch, its a large size watch so I personally won’t recommend this for small wrists as it will look bulky on it. I would suggest you to kindly take a proper measurement of your wrist and then buy it.

Overall it is a value-for-money watch or I would say it delivers more value than money. Mainly I loved the look of this as it looks very unique and batman’s kind of watch. If you gonna buy it, I am sure you will be amazed with the build quality and looks as the photos do not do the justice.

Women’s Best Solar Powered Watches

11. Casio Wave Ceptor Women’s Solar Watch LWA-M142-7AJF

[wptb id=1425]

This is the cutest watch I have ever seen. The photos do not do them justice with looks, in reality, it looks more attractive and beautiful.

Apart from the looks, the best thing that I found was that at such a low price, this watch offers amazing features like atomic timing, solar power, alarm, stopwatch, world time and many others.

After talking about looks and features, now let’s talk about its build quality. I liked the build quality of the dial because the dial is made of strong stainless steel. But the straps are very stiff and not suitable for soft women’s skin.

The another impressive point is the readability which is extremely good in this watch. The color contrast of dial express the most out of it. As the golden hour markers and hands on a white clean dial is easy to read at a glance.

Overall the watch is amazing. It has very low price with all the premium features like atomic timing, solar powered, world time, alarm and stopwatch. Build quality of straps is average or not good for a sensitive skin but the dial is super strong and looks beautiful.

12. Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive EW1544-53-Solar Powered Watch

[wptb id=1426]

Again I would like to repeat the same sentence “simplicity means elegance”. If you believe this, just go ahead and buy this watch. Because it simply elegant & beautiful.

This eye catching timepiece has very clean and beautiful dial which is very easy to read. The hour numbers are enough large and bold to read the time at a glance.

Solar Powered battery makes this watch a wonderful women’s solar watch. As you never need to replace the battery and also it is an eco-drive so it gets charged up with any king of light and works non-stop.

The date window is very small and almost impossible to read also the date window is displayed on a grey background which makes it more complicated to read. The rest dial contrast of black and white is best.

It is in a two-tone color combination of gold and silver which makes it look very attractive and premium. Also, the watch is 100meter water resistant.

Overall it is best value for money watch. The build quality is best, looks are good, solar powered battery so you do not need to pay any maintenance cost for battery replacement.

Pros & Cons

13. Citizen Eco-Drive Solar Women’s Watch with Swarovski Crystals FD1030-56Y

[wptb id=1427]

This watch is truly gorgeous and very unique in design. The mother of pearl dial looks very enticing and easy to read. It has a beautiful Swarovski crystal set at the bezel which makes this watch really stunning and eye-catching.

The best thing is it is an eco-drive and gets itself charged with any kind of light and once charged it will run for 6 months non-stop without the need

of a charge again. This is the best solar-powered women’s watch.

It is really bad that in the product description it is mentioned 100 meters water resistant that is not true. The watch is only splash resistant as mentioned on the backside of the watch. Please make a note if you are buying this for especially water resistance don’t go with this.

The watch size is not too small nor too large, it is perfect for small and medium size wrists. Overall it is a best value for money watch.

14. Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Axiom Solar Women’s Watch EX1410-53A

[wptb id=1428]

This is again a beautiful women’s solar powered watch. It looks very feminine and not flashy at all, it is simply elegant and seems to be a very expensive watch but it is affordable.

It is the looks that attract most about this watch and secondly it is a solar powered watch so you just do not need to replace the battery ever.

The watch is not only best in looks but also holds the best quality stainless steel and it is very durable. Although, it has mineral glass protection which is the less scratch-resistant overall build quality is good.

The band is comfortable and feel good on the wrist however adjusting the links is little difficult.

The watch uses Japanese quartz movement which is very accurate and precise. This watch can be an ideal gift for someone special in your life.

Pros & Cons


In this article I have covered almost all the segments of solar powered watches. Whether it is stainless steel solar watch, leather solar watch or sports solar watch, men’s solar watch women’s solar watch.

After a lot of research and hard work, I have selected the above 14 solar-powered watches for men and women. These are the best-selling solar watches and deliver high quality because they belong to the top 3 manufacturers of Solar watches which are CASIO, CITIZEN, and SEIKO.

So you can buy any of them all are best solar powered watches in 2021. Hope you have enjoyed my article and please share your feedback in the comments below.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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