Best Women's Watches Under $100

10-Best Women’s Watches Under $100-[Latest 2021]

If you are a woman and looking for the best watch that is under $100 or £100. So you may have many questions like Which brand is best for ladies watch? What is the best inexpensive watch? and What are some trending watches in 2021?

Although you will get a lot of options and variety in $100, but do those watches hold any value?

Today we will answer all these questions. And share with your the most trending 10 best women’s watches under $100. These watches belong to the best brands and hold good value.

Best Brands For Ladies Watches Under $100:

By the way, there are many brands that claim good quality but we do not just believe in the claims we believe in the results.

There are some well-known brands which are very popular and have been making women’s watches for many years. These brands are Fossil, Michael Kors, Seiko, Invicta, Skagen, Timex.

These brands have been making high-quality ladies’ watches for a long time and their watches are also being well-loved very much.

We have come up with some well popular women’s watches of these well-known brands which are under 100 dollars and hold the best quality.

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Check out the best womens watches under 100:

TOP-1 Michael Kors Runway- Best Women’s Watch Under $100:

best womens watches under 100

You must be surprised that at the first number we have put Michael Kors’ Watch which is not a watch specific brand but an awarded for designer fashion accessories and established in 1981. There is a reason to put it on the first number, let us tell you.

The reason behind placing this watch of Michael Kors at number one is that this watch has been liked by the ladies most.

If you see this watch is rated by more than 5000 women on Amazon and 81% of reviews have 5 stars ratings and the rest have 4-star ratings that are really amazing.

Important Features

  1. This watch looks very slim and luxurious, you get 19 color variants in this watch and all the color variants are super awesome.
  2. In this watch, 2 color variants are also available in leather straps that are black and brown. Stainless steel and leather bands both are extremely comfortable and durable.
  3. This watch is much more light in weight than the other watches of MK.
  4. The face of the watch is very simple and elegant not too flashy.
  5. The watch face is designed in such a way that you can read it at a glance.
  6. This watch has been given a classic design due to which it matches easily with any outfit and adds more charm in looks.
  7. This watch is also water-resistant up to 165feet. Not recommended for diving or snorkeling.
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TOP-2 Seiko Women’s Dress Watch- Simple & Elegant.

best womens watches under 100

Seiko is a brand that was established in 1881 and due to the style, durability, and preciseness of its watches, it has won the hearts of people.

At the price point of $100, you are getting the reliability of the Seiko brand. Along with reliability, you are getting a simple and elegant looking watch. Its color combination of golden tone case over white dial looks very premium and black leather straps adds more attraction in the watch.

The name Seiko is itself a quality standard of this watch, but still, we would like to tell you that its overall build quality is awesome and you get very soft feel leather straps in it.

It’s a solar-powered watch so you don’t need to replace the battery. This watch uses the overcharge prevention function. There is an Energy-efficient Solar movement with a 12-month power reserve once fully charged.

Important Features

  1. We highly recommend this watch for Daily Wear as it suits all kinds of outfits.
  2. Because it is solar-powered, once fully charged, it runs nonstop for 12 months, there is no battery replacement headache.
  3. This watch from Seiko uses calfskin leather which is very well adjusted on your wrist and gives a soft and comforting feel.
  4. This watch is very light in weight it’s just 13.61 Grams. That is also a reason we recommend it for daily wear.
  5. This watch is splash-proof not completely waterproof. The capacity is 99feet (30meters). We do not recommend it for swimming or shower.
  6. This watch works on the quartz movement and gives ±15 seconds per month accuracy.
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TOP-3 Fossil Tailor ES3712Silver Women’s Watch Under $100

best womens watches under 100

If you ask someone about good quality and an attractive watch at an affordable range, then he will first recommend you the fossil watches.

The brand established in 1984 and since then it is making genuine quality watches under pocket-friendly budgets. And this brand has won many hearts.

Now let’s talk about this pretty timepiece. The face of this watch in the photo is not as big as it seems. It is just 35mm. And on small wrists, this watch looks enticing.

Silver sticks have been given in the dial instead of numbers which look quite different and nice. The design of its dial is very clean which you can easily read at glance.

This watch has luminous hands which helps in reading the time in the dark or in low light conditions.

Important Features

  1. This watch is not flashy but simple and decent in looking.
  2. The watch fits like a loose bracelet but you can remove the links by visiting any nearby jeweler.
  3. Setting up the time and date is very easy in this watch compared to other watches.
  4. The watch is not too light in weight and not too heavy it has a very balanced weight.
  5. The watch straps are very good looking as well as feels comfortable on women’s wrists.
  6. This watch is also water-resistant up to 165feets (50meters).
  7. This watch is the best for daily use and very durable and also economical.
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TOP-4 Fossil Riley- Rose Gold Women’s Watch Under $100

best womens watches under 100

This watch by fossil is currently in trend among women. The Rose Gold color variant of this watch is the most popular because it looks very expensive and attractive while it is just under $100.

If you look at this watch, crystal design has been used on the hour marks and on the case bezel, which is particularly liked by women because it gives a very feminine look.

The best feature of this watch is that it does not look very big nor is it very small, even if you are thin, then this watch will look very beautiful on your thin wrist.

The next feature of this eye-catcher watch is that you can wear it while swimming and taking a bath and also for snorkeling but it is not recommended for scuba diving. This watch gives you water resistance up to 330 feet.

In this watch, you also get three beautiful sub-dials that do chronograph work. This watch is a package of features and looks.

Important Features

  1. This watch is under $100, but this watch looks very expensive and premium, which is why 92% of people on Amazon have given it a lot of appreciation. And has given more than 8000 ratings.
  2. The crystals used around the face of this watch are of natural white zircon and are of very high quality and look very attractive.
  3. The watch weight is 4.07 ounces it is not too heavy and give you a comfortable feel on your wrist.
  4. The watch has three sub-dials which work as a chronograph feature in this watch but operating its chronograph is a little complex.
  5. In this watch, you are getting water resistance up to 330feet, which is very good at the price point of $100. You can wear this watch, take a bath, do swimming, snorkeling.
  6. There are more color variants available in this watch, which you can get between $70- $80, but it’s rose gold color is just amazing.
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TOP-5 Fossil Women’s Original Boyfriend- An Eye Catcher

best womens watches under 100
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First, let’s talk about the look of this watch. The blue color of this watch looks very decent and is not very vibrant at all and its combination with the Rose Gold case and the white dial looks very attractive.

This watch has been designed in such a way that it matches perfectly with any outfit. This watch is the best selling women’s watch on Amazon, which is under $100.

If you are worried that its Rose Gold color will get fed up very quickly, then you can be absolutely sure that the color will not go anywhere and it will look the same for a long time.

The quality of the leather straps of this watch is also tremendous and it’s a very lightweight watch. So even after wearing it, it does not feel heavy or bulky on your wrist.

Although its chronograph feature is not of much use, it would be right to say that it is given simply to enhance the beauty of this watch.

In this watch, you get an interchangeable strap feature, with the help of which you can easily change its straps.

Important Features

  1. This watch is most liked due to its design, you will fall in love with its design at first sight.
  2. The genuine leather straps of this watch have been given a very feminine and beautiful look, its blue straps do not look very vibrant at all but give a very premium look.
  3. The Rose Gold color of this watch looks very enticing with a white dial and blue straps and makes any of your outfits more attractive.
  4. The water resistance capacity of this watch is 165 feet, but in reality, this watch cannot bear much water and we do not recommend it even for a shower.
  5. In this watch, you get an interchangeable strap buckle with the help of which you can change its straps very easily.
  6. The dial-in this watch has three small subdials with a date window, as well as rose gold color number sticks, and the dial itself looks very beautiful.
  7. This watch is not really as big as it looks in the photo. If your wrist is thin then this watch will look beautiful on it too.
  8. Although the Chronograph feature of this watch does not work perfectly but it gives a very beautiful look to its dial.

TOP-6 Fossil Women’s Carlie Casual Quartz Watch

best womens watches under 100
[wptb id=1769]

If you are looking for a very lightweight watch that has beautiful looks, then this watch is for you. With great looks, you are getting a promising well-known brand that is too with inexpensive price.

The color combination and design of this watch are most appealing. In this watch, a silver sunray dial has been used, on which the numbers and hands of rose gold color look very enticing.

This watch is also available in leather as well as stainless steel option. There is no compromise with the leather quality of this watch but people have complained about it getting sloppy.

The most which we liked about this watch was its lightweight, elegant looking and strong build quality and that too at under $100

Important Features

  1. The watch is beautiful with strong build quality and also very lightweight.
  2. Along with great looks and good quality, the watch is very inexpensive.
  3. The leather band of the watch is very smooth and soft also very durable though many people have complained about its getting sloppy.
  4. This watch does not look bulky and big, if you have thin wrists, then this watch will look very beautiful on them.
  5. The watch has been designed in such a way that it matches with all your outfits, you can also call it a Best Daily Wear Watch.
  6. This watch is water-resistant up to 165 feet. Wearable while swimming in shallow water and while taking shower not recommended for scuba diving.

TOP-7 Fossil Women’s Virginia Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

best women's watches under 100
[wptb id=1771]

The biggest feature of this watch is that it doesn’t look like a sporty smartwatch rather it looks very simple and elegant casual watch with smart features.

In this watch, you are getting many smart features like a fitness tracker with the help of which you can monitor the distance walked, calorie burned, and heartbeat.

This watch also has the feature of tracking your goals. With the help of this feature, you can track your preset or custom goals of your choice which is an amazing feature. This watch supports Bluetooth.

There are many other smart features such as smartphone notifications, sleep monitoring, customizable buttons, automatic time zone updates, and also a microcontroller stopwatch. This watch is compatible with Android and IOS smartphones.

Not only in features but also in looks, this watch is very good. The white dial looks very clean and beautiful. The silver artificial diamonds on hour markers and bezel, enhance the looks of the dial.

The good thing is that you don’t need to charge this watch like a normal smartwatch but the drawback is its battery life which is only 6 months based on the usage.

Important Features

  1. Very elegant looking watch with the features of a smartwatch that is too under $100.
  2. Charging is not required in this watch.
  3. Amazing features like smartphone notifications, activity tracking, custom goal setting, sleep monitoring, automatic time zone updates, Bluetooth support, and has compatibility with Android and IOS smartphones.
  4. The estimated battery life is 6 months it depends on the usage.
  5. The watch is a little heavy but does not look very big on your wrist. Its design is very attractive and can match any outfit.
  6. The water resistance capacity is 30meters (100feet).
  7. Very easy to adjust the band size with a self-adjustable rose gold band.
  8. Watch is worth it for its price it is not too costly like many other smartwatches. It is just under $100.

TOP-8 Fossil Women’s Riley Silver- An Attractive Watch Under $100

best women's watches under 100
[wptb id=2023]

Friends, if your budget is less than $100 or you are seeing a women’s watch under $ 50, then you can go blindly with this watch.

Friends, this is one of the best affordable women watch which is most liked on Amazon and rated by more than 9000 people and it is one of the best seller watch on Amazon under $50.

The best color variant of this watch is Silver & Rose gold. You are getting a Hardened Mineral Crystal lens on its 38mm case which is good scratch resistant.

The best thing is you are getting a deployment clasp in the watch band which helps you to adjust the band size according to your wrist.

The watch is also water resistant up to 330feet(100meters), safe with bathing, swimming and snorkeling but not recommended for scuba diving.

Important Features

  1. Amazon’s best-seller women’s watch under $50.
  2. Amazing looks, the watch is light in weight and matches any outfit.
  3. With the help of a single press deployment clasp, you can easily adjust the band size.
  4. The watch is water-resistant up to 330feet(50meters).
  5. The chronograph feature works fine in this watch.

TOP-9 Skagen Women’s Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch

[wptb id=1776]

Friends, there are some people who stick on the same brand also there are some people who experiment with new brands as well.

The brand was established in 1989. This brand is not as popular as other watch brands right now but this brand will not disappoint you with quality and price. The specialty of this brand is that its watches are very simple, sleek, and elegant also very light weight.

This watch of Skagen is a best seller women’s watch on Amazon which has been rated and reviewed by more that 5000 people and most people are satisfied with the quality and design.

When you will look at the design you will find that it is very unique and simple not too flashy and looks very descent on your wrist.

Very easy to adjust the band size with its mesh band feature. You just need to open the clasp on the inside, slide the band to the desired position and close the clasp.

The watch has a very unique design there are silver crystals at the hour’s marks which looks amazing on its Grey dial. Also, the watch is very lightweight. It does not even feel that you are wearing a watch.

Important Features

  1. Simple, sleek, elegant, and very lightweight watch.
  2. Water-resistant up to 30meters(99feet). Not recommended for shower or swimming.
  3. Battery life is very long in this watch.
  4. This is the best seller women’s watch on Amazon.
  5. The watch will match with your regular, occasional as well as your professional outfits.
  6. It is a good option for a daily wear watch that is very affordable too.

TOP-10 Fossil Women Jacqueline Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Quartz Watch

[wptb id=1777]

This is another most popular women’s watch under $100 in 2021. The watch has a very simple design but looks very expensive and decent.

There are 16 color variants in this watch. But the best color variant is rose gold with a white dial and navy blue leather straps. Or you can also go with the rose gold and pink band color option that is also very enticing.

As you must be aware about the leather bands quality of Fossil watches. This watch also do justice with the strap quality. The straps are very soft and durable and does not get dirty easily.

The weight of the watch is only 0.55 grams which is a plus point of this watch. Also the watch face is not giant but looks perfect on thin or small wrists.

The battery life is 3-4 years. It is very easy to set date and time in the watch. Also the accuracy of the time is just perfect.

Important Features

  1. The watch is very light in weight. It is just 0.55 grams.
  2. The design is simple and elegant not too flashy.
  3. Best Selling Women’s watch on Amazon with more that 2500 ratings and reviews.
  4. The price of the watch seems to be very low in comparison to its quality and design.
  5. Watch is water resistant up to 30meters(99feet).
  6. It can be a best option for a daily wear watch which also matches your occasional outfits.


We have tried to share a very filtered knowledge with you in this article. Which will help you to find out the best womens watches under 100. We have also covered all the best and trusted brands of ladies’ watches, in this article we have covered almost all the most popular women’s watches that are trending in 2021.

It is not easy to trust any brand easily that is the reason we have shared only those watches with you which are highly appreciated by the people and they had a good experience with these watches. Also, these watch brands are highly trusted and well known by people.

In this top-10 list we have covered all purpose watches which can match with any outfit. So you just don’t need to worry whether you are wearing it in your office, at your home or at parties and occasions.

Whether you are going to buy for yourself or for your wife, mother, daughter, or girlfriend when you will look at Amazon you will find many reviews on these watches which shows their satisfaction with these watches.

We hope that you have got what you were looking for. We will try our level best to bring more such valuable articles for you and add a value in your life.

Thanks for reading.

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