Best Timex Solar Watches

4 Best Timex Solar Watches of 2021-[Under $50 Only]

Best Timex Solar Watches

Are you looking for a solar powered watch that is as affordable as $50 quartz watch?

Not only that, but it should also belong to a well known brand?

Great, you have come to the right place.

I found the material quality of Timex solar watches better than some cheap plastic body solar watches. Also, no matter what is your age, it will look good on your wrist. Because Timex makes watches that belong to traditional style.

The best thing is they are very affordable as under $50 only.

Today I will share with you some of the best Timex Solar Watches that are not only affordable but also tremendous in quality.

Here is the first most favorite among the best Timex solar watches.

TOP-1 Timex Expedition Scout Solar Watch Review:

Best Timex Solar Watches
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This is the most popular solar version of Timex. Let me take you to its awesome features.


  • Black adjustable leather strap that can fit up to 8 inch wrist circumference.
  • It can be charged with any light with four-months power reserve.
  • The watch has luminous hands.
  • 40mm brass case with mineral crystal protection.
  • 5ATM water resistant(50 meter) Suitable for shower, hand wash or short period swimming not suitable for scuba diving or snorkeling.

What I Liked:

  • The watch has a super clean and easy-to-read dial. You can just read it with a glance.
  • The watch has luminous hands so you can read the time even in the dark or in low light condition.
  • The best part is, it can be charged with any artificial light, once it is charged it can run for 4 months non-stop because it holds 4 months of power reserve capacity.
  • I found its leather band quality better than other cheap plastic body solar watches.
  • The 40mm brass case is very solid and does not make this watch look cheap.
  • It is very affordable and the best thing is, it is solar powered so you don’t need to replace the battery for the longest run.
  • The watch comes with 5ATM water resistance, you can enjoy your shower while wearing it.
  • The watch has a perfect size not too big not too small. It will look good on any wrist size.

What I Disliked:

  • It is less scratch-resistant because of mineral crystal.
  • Water-resistance should have to be more than 5ATM.

Overall the watch serves best value for money. If you are looking for a rug kind of daily wear solar watch, then this is for you. Also, it doesn’t ask to break the bank.

The Color Variants:

It has total 4 color variants (including two fast fabric strap variants).

All the four variants are simply elegant. You can check out the price and reviews on amazon.

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TOP-2 Timex Expedition Ranger Solar Watch Review:

Best Timex Solar Watches
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If you like slightly stylish watches, that too has a solar function and costs you as little as it can. Then this Timex solar watch is best for you.

The first watch in this list was a little simple in design but this has a better design.

Let’s check out the features.


  • It can be charged with any light and it has 2 months of power reserve function.
  • A tan textured adjustable leather strap. It fits up to 8″ wrist circumference.
  • It comes with 43mm brass case with mineral crystal protection.
  • The hands are luminous.
  • It is 5ATM water resistant.

What I Liked:

  • This watch comes with such a color combination that makes it look like the best field watch.
  • The white hands and numerals against a dark dial make it a good readable watch.
  • The watch is very well built having a very light-weight.
  • You do not need to replace the battery as it is solar-powered.
  • It can be charged with any kind of light and holds two months power reserve. It gets charged up quickly.
  • The leather strap is smooth and breathable, hold a good comfort on your wrist.
  • It has luminous hands that glow really good in the dark or in low light conditions.
  • The watch is 5ATM water resistant.

What I Disliked:

  • The bezel does not rotate and the number on it is also not engraved, they are just stickers.
  • It has just 2 months power reserve while its expedition scout (Mention on 1st number) has 4 months power reserve capacity even at a lower price.
  • The strap is comfortable but looks average in quality.
  • Less scratch-resistant due to mineral glass.
  • Not recommended for small wrists size as it has a large face.

This watch is slightly stylish and elegant. It has a good easy to read design, not like other Casio g shock watches that have chunky corners and distracting texts over the face.

Overall it is a best timex solar watch for the money spent. If you are looking for a daily wear watch or want to gift someone a good loooking affordable watch, you can go with it.

Color Variants:

This watch comes in three different color variants. first is a Black dial with yellow accents and a black strap.

Second is a charcoal grey or dark green dial with yellow accents and dark brown dial.

The third is a blue dial with orange accents and a camel brown strap. The black and blue are favorite of people.

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TOP -3 Timex Expedition Gallatin Solar Watch Review:

Best Timex Solar Watches
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I always find Timex watches with an easy-to-read design, this is a new retro look solar watch by Timex but I dint find its readability up to the mark.

Lets check out the features.


  • The watch has an acrylic dial lens.
  • It has a 45mm resin case.
  • It can be charged with any light and has two months power reserve.
  • 22mm leather strap fits up to 8-inch wrist size.
  • 5ATM water-resistant.
  • Luminous hands.

What I Liked:

  • The watch is very accurate and keeps perfect time.
  • It’s a 45mm case big watch but very lightweight (1.44 ounces) and comfortable.
  • It’s a solar watch so no need of taking the headache of replacing the battery every year.
  • Its nato strap is very easy to clean.
  • Again it has the same two months of power reserve capacity and can be quickly charged with any kind of light.
  • The watch is very comfortable on the wrist.
  • It’s a perfect everyday watch at an affordable price.
  • It is 5ATM water-resistant. (I would suggest you just shower with it and do not swim)

What I Disliked:

  • It has an Acrylic lens which is strong but not good scratch resistant.
  • The lume is OK for the price.
  • The watch case is made of resin (kind of plastic) Not much durable.
  • The readability is not good due to the dark dial color contrast.

Although it is a very inexpensive watch under $50 still I won’t recommend you because of less readability, less scratch resistance, and resin body that doesn’t make it a good survivor in the long run.

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TOP-4 Timex Expedition Acadia Solar Watch Review:

Best Timex Solar Watches
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This Timex solar watch has better readability than Timex Gallatin (number 3rd on this list). But again a resin case material is used and also an Acrylic lens on the dial which is not good scratch resistant.

Although it has 4 months battery power reserve and can be charged with any kind of light, the solar function works really well. It is not a bad deal under $50.

Let’s check out the features.


  • It has a 20mm fabric strap that fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference.
  • This watch can be charged with any kind of light with 4 months power reserve.
  • 40mm resin case with the acrylic lens on the dial.
  • It serves a 5ATM water resistance capacity.

What I Liked:

  • The watch looks like a field watch and has a very clean and clear easy to read dial.
  • The fabric strap is made of good quality and feels comfortable on the wrist.
  • Great battery life because of solar function, no need to replace the battery every year.
  • The accuracy is at its best as expected from a Timex watch.
  • It gives you 4 months of power reserve once it is charged.
  • The hands are luminous and help you to read time in dark or low light condition.
  • The watch is 5ATM water resistance, good according to the price.
  • It is a very light weight watch because of the resin body material.

What I Disliked:

  • It is prone to scratches & scuff because of Acrylic lens.
  • Resin or plastic material body.

The watch is not very bad but not very good for a daily wear because it is prone to scratches as it has acrylic lens covering the dial. Also, the plastic body does not seem to last long. Overall the readability, looks, solar function is good at this price. Not a bad deal under $50.

Color Variants:

The watch comes in 2 different color variants. One is blue and another one is green. Both the color options look good but I would personally prefer green because it makes it look more like a field watch.

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Conclusion/Which Timex Solar Watch is Best?

Although Teamax has tried its best to provide you a good solar watch at a low cost. But this attempt did not appear to be a complete success.

Out of these four, if I had to choose one of the best Timex Solar Watches, I would have gone either with the first one or the second one.

The reason behind that is the durability of the first and second watch is much better than the third and fourth.

Brass material and good quality leather have been used in the first and second watch, on the other hand, the third and fourth watch is made of plastic and the acrylic lens is not scratch resistant at all.

If you are looking for a daily wear watch that is Rough and Tough, then go with the first two options they are the best in terms of price, durability, readability, accuracy, and looks. Also, cut your cost of replacing the battery every year.

If your budget is a little over $100, then I have shared the best collection of Affordable Watches by Citizen, Seiko, and Casio in this article. You can read. Best Seiko, Citizen and Casio Solar Watches.

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