Timex Weekender Chronograph Review

Timex Weekender Chronograph Review 2021

Timex Weekender Chronograph Review
Timex Weekender Chronograph Review

Friends, today we are going to review another very popular watch of Timex. This watch is one of the top affordable watches of Timex.

In today’s review, we will tell you about the performance of each and every feature of this watch also we will cover its pros and cons and deep price analysis to understand whether it is really worth buying or not?

Lets first check out the features.

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Apart from being affordable, this watch is also fantastic in looks. Its 40mm silver-tone case looks very luxurious on its dark blue dial.

The dial of this watch has three more small dials, which are chronograph dials. The first dial given at number 10 is a 30-minute chronograph dial. The second small dial at number 2 is given for tracking 1 / 20th of a second. and the timekeeping seconds hand is at 6 o’clock. The primary dial’s third hand measures seconds while the chronograph is operating.

Now let’s talk about the straps of this watch, in this watch, you are getting 20mm double layered genuine leather slip-thru straps. Its wrist circumference is up to 8 inches.

The color of its straps is slightly light brown. Which matches very well with its 40mm blue dial. Its leather is made from calfskin and this is the reason that its strap seems a little thin.

The best thing about this watch is that you get quick-release spring bars so that you can easily put any straps in this watch. That too without any tools. So you have endless options in the straps.

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Timex Weekender Chronograph Straps:

Timex Weekender Chronograph Review

The straps of this watch are made of calfskin leather. Look wise, it is very good but due to the leather type, it seems a bit thin, some people may not like these straps.

Quick-Release Spring Bars

If you want, you can replace it with any kind of straps according to you and it is also very easy to change the strap because of it’s quick release spring bars. You just loop these bands through the two pins, one at the top and one at the bottom of the watch dial. No tool is needed.

Looks of Straps

These thin leather straps are not only good looking but also very soft, light in weight, and durable. The comfort on the wrist is good because they are adjustable.

The strap is 8″ inches in length and 20mm is the lug width even on smaller wrists this strap looks very cool and comfortable.

The more you use this watch the strap color will change from light tan to a chestnut color. Which looks really classy with light color clothes.

Unisex Straps

Girls and women can also try this watch and they can use endless color options according to their attire and occasions as this watch looks very classy on girls’ and women’s wrists as well.

Note: In this watch, you are getting two straps one is leather and the second is blue nylon double-layered strap.

How does Timex Chronograph Works?

Timex Weekender Chronograph Review
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If we talk about the chronograph of Timex Weekender, it is not the best but according to its price, it is worth the money.

The 3 sub-dials given in the dial of this watch perform the function of a chronograph or stopwatch.

The small dial at the 10 clock spot is the dial for 30 minutes of chronograph tracking. It tracks minutes passed on the stopwatch (up to thirty minutes).

After this, the sub-dial given at the 2 clock position is given for tracking 1/20th of a second. and the dial at 2 o clock only moves after you’ve stopped the stopwatch to show you 1/20th of a second.

Its smallest sub-dial, which is on the position of 6 o clock, serves as measuring the seconds while the chronograph is operating. The small bottom dial is the actual second hand for the watch so it is always moving.

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How to Operate the Chronograph?

  1. Use the upper button to stop and start the chronograph.
  2. The bottom button is used for splits and resets. If you hit the lower button before stopping it, the time will pause so you can write down a lap time.
  3. Pressing it again will cause the Chrono to catch up in real-time. This can be done many times, but each lap time will be shown cumulatively.
  4. To reset, stop the Chrono with the top button and then press the lower one.

Timex Weekender Chronograph Indiglo

Photo by WYCA

Electroluminescent technology has been used in the Timex Weekender Chronograph Indiglo. Which illuminates the entire watch face in dark or low light conditions.

Not only this, a silver stripe is used on its hands which helps the watch hands to glow in the dark or in low light conditions. So whole the face of the watch looks amazing at night when it illuminates.

There is a small drawback in the Indiglo of this watch and that is that it does not glow up to 2 mm below the6 clock number. This is not a defect but due to the design of this watch. The dark spot is where the electrical contact in the watch occurs. In most styles, this area is hidden by the case, but for some, it is not.

To use the Indiglo you will need to push the crown. Once you release the crown the Indiglo light will gets off. So till the time you hold the crown the watch face will illuminate.

After using the Indiglo you can easily read the numbers as they are big enough to read but you might face some difficulty reading the chronograph if you have weak eyesight.

Timex Weekender Chronograph Blue and Black Dial:

Although in this watch, Timex has given you 16 color combinations, the most popular ones are blue and black dial combinations.

Its blue dial variant looks very large and gives a very unique look, as well as its combination with brown leather belts, looks very classy and elegant.

Its blue dial combination looks very good on casuals as well as party wear and formals. The dial is 9mm thick.

The black dial variant of the Timex Weekender Chronograph will be liked by those who love the black color. The light brown color straps with their black dial give this watch a superb look. And this is also the most popular color combination in this watch.

With the black dial, you may get a little problem in the night, but still, its Indiglo helps you to read it to a large extent. Also, this watch has a large dial of 1.25″ inches which is easily readable.

Just like the blue dial, the black dial of this watch can also be easily matched with Casuals, Formals, and Party Wear. Both dial color variants are most demanding in Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm.

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Water Resistance

In this watch, you get 30 meters (98 feet) of water resistance. Water-resistance does not mean that complete water resistance. The following are the parameters for water resistance.

  1. This watch is rain-resistant.
  2. Splash Resistant. You can also wear it at the time of washing your hands.
  3. But this watch is not for light swimming, snorkeling, Poolside diving, Surfing, and Scuba Diving.
  4. You can not even shower wearing this watch.

If you are a water sports lover then you should go with other watches because this watch is not made for deepwater activities.

Is This an Everyday Watch?

Yes, this is an everyday watch. There are four things that make this watch a best daily wear watch.

The first is its price which is highly affordable. And even with the loss of this watch, you will not be as disappointed as losing a luxury watch.

Secondly, this watch is scratch-resistant, which protects your watch from scratches so just wear and forget it. And you can focus on your work without focusing on the damage to the watch.

Thirdly, this watch not only looks good on Casuals but also on Formals and Party Wear, this watch gives an amazing look.

The fourth thing that I found the best is its quick release strap spring so that you can put any straps in it without the help of tools and it is very easy. With multiple strap options you can always give yourself a new look.

Battery Life Chrono Review

As claimed by Timex, in this watch you are getting up to 10 years of battery life. A lithium metal battery has been used in this watch.

According to most of the people who are already using this watch, this watch requires a battery change once in 3-4 years. So we can say like for a minimum of 3 years you just don’t need to change its battery.

How to Set The Date?

Pull the stem half way out and rotate to the left until date moves. Make sure you are set to change date at midnight and not noon. In this watch setting the date is comparatively easy than other watches.

Is This Watch Loud?

Most of the people have said it is not loud but as we have tested if you are reading a book in a silent room you won’t be able to concentrate because of this ticking. But during the day-to-day heavy schedule, you can hardly notice its sound. This watch is not as louder as other Timex watches.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion/Is it Worth Buying?

The price of this watch is $41 and it also varies according to different color combinations. According to the price, this watch is worth the money. Because in $41 you are not only getting a single watch but also getting two slip-through straps, chronograph, Indiglo, Water Resistance, and Amazing Looks. And also it is the best daily wear watch.

But in this watch chronograph is not at its best if your purpose is chronograph then we will suggest you must go with any digital watch rather than this Analog watch.

Water-resistance is also very less, just 30 meters and you can not do water sport activities while wearing this watch so we will not recommend this watch for hardcore water sportspeople.

This watch is best for those who do not want to spend much on a watch and looking for a daily wear watch which they can wear everywhere like in office, college, parties etc.

At the end we will say if you are buying this watch it is worth buying.

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