Best Men's Rectangular Watches

11 Best Men’s Rectangular Watches 2021-[Top Rated]

Best Men's Rectangular Watches

Rectangular watches have been a style statement among men for a long time. Even today when it comes to rectangular watches, people mostly consider them in the luxury watch segment. Because some people think that rectangular watches convey more elegance and high status.

If you are going to buy a watch, then these questions will definitely come to your mind, whether to buy a round face watch or a rectangular face watch? Are Rectangular Watches Still In Style? What are the best affordable rectangular men’s watches? We will answer all your questions today in this article.

A rectangular shape watch is elegant in looks, very easy to read and most people like to wear a rectangular watch in their professional life. It should also be a personal taste but most people prefer a rectangular watch over a round face watch in their professional life because some people believe a rectangular face watch does not look casual like a round face watch.

The trend of rectangular watches in men’s will never end. In the year 2021 rectangular watches are returning with new innovations and designs. Lots of brands like Seiko, Bulova, Casio, G-Shock, Fossil, and Armani are offering affordable rectangular watches with great designs and looks which are being popular in 2021.

Today we have brought to you the top 10 best men’s rectangular watches which are not in the luxury segment but are pocket friendly and affordable as well as made by well-known brands. Also, these watches are very elegant in looking and convey a statement of your style.

Before jumping to the best men’s rectangular watches have a look at this SEIKO Tank Homage SUP880 breathtaking video. We have covered this watch in this list.

1. Seiko Men’s Rectangular SUP896 Solar-Power Watch

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2043]

Generally, the old-fashioned rectangular watches looked very big and very heavy. But Seiko has given two very good twists in this rectangular watch.

The first twist is that this watch is very light weight and slim, it does not look very big. The second twist is that you do not need to change the battery because it is a solar-powered watch.

The third best thing is that this watch seems very expansive in appearance, but in reality, it is very affordable.

The straps of this watch are made of calfskin leather, is very soft and durable. The croc-textured design looks very rich on these leather straps.

If you are looking for a watch for official purposes which is affordable but seems very expensive and matches with your official attire, then this is the best dress watch you can go with.


  1. Looks very expensive but it is affordable.
  2. No battery replacement required.
  3. Extremely light weight and slim also does not look big.
  4. Soft and rich quality calfskin leather straps.
  5. Water Resistant up to 165feet.


  1. No day and date feature.
  2. Less water resistance capacity.

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2.CASIO Men’s Rectangular Digital World TIME A500WGA-9DF Watch:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2045]

As you would have usually seen, rectangular watches are very simple and that too without any features. But it is a rectangular digital watch launched by a well-known brand Casio in which you are getting multiple features. Also, the price is very affordable.

The best features of this watch are its orange LED backlight, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Alarm Function, Full Auto Calendar, Digital Timekeeping and accuracy +30 seconds per month also it shows the time of different time zones.

If you are looking for a watch that should match your professional attire as well as packed with multiple features then this is the best watch for you. If you are a regular traveler then this will be best watch for you.

Its a very unique kind of rectangular men’s watch which is very elegant and rich in looks. The golden bands of this watch with adjustment clasp are also amazing. The overall design of the watch is really eye catching.


  1. Unique eye catching rectangular watch with multiple features.
  2. Digital timekeeping with LED backlight.
  3. Adjustable closing clasp.
  4. Approx. battery life is 3 years.
  5. Water Resistant up to 165feet.
  6. Light weight watch and not too bulky.


  1. Golden color is only on the front side of bands and below that it is silver. rectangular watch
  2. Very less water resistance capacity.

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3.Bulova Men’s Rectangular 98A117 Dress Watch:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2047]

Bulova is a very famous brand and well known for its quality and stylish timepieces. This watch is another example of a very unique eye-catching design.

The color combination of silver hour marks on rich black dial with silver toned hands looks extremely enticing. Also you will find its two-tone black and silver ion-plated finish on its bracelet very unique and it will also grab the attention of passerby.

The watch looks very expensive and premium though it is very affordable and pocket friendly also very durable and long battery life.

This watch uses high end precisionist movement which is a very high quality quartz movement and have great accuracy. The brand is making high quality watches and stylish watches for a long time that is the reason lots of people love this brand.


  1. Unique and rich design
  2. Affordable
  3. High end accuracy
  4. Water Resistance up to 99feet
  5. Well known brand reliability
  6. Luminous, measures-seconds


  1. No cons as of now

4. Seiko Men’s Rectangular SUP880 Japanese Quartz Watch:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2049]

Seiko is making watches since 1881 and has been a very reliable brand in the category of affordable watches. This watch is another good-looking timepiece by Seiko.

The main key features of this watch are its Cartier Tank design which is very unique and eye-catching, secondly, this watch is very slim and light weight, and the third-best feature is you don’t need to replace the battery because its a solar-powered watch. Last but not least its color combination of white dial and the golden case looks very premium and expensive though the watch is very affordable.

If you have ever used any Seiko watch then probably you would have noticed the quality of leather that Seiko use, it is so soft and durable also it feels very comfortable on your wrist.

Japanese quartz movement has been used in this watch which serves nice accuracy. Also the watch is water resistant up to 99feet.


  1. Light weigh watch and does not look too big.
  2. Very unique Cartier Tank design.
  3. Looks very premium but it is affordable.
  4. No need to replace the battery because it is solar powered.
  5. Water resistant up to 99feet.
  6. Best seller men’s rectangular watch on Amazon.


  1. Less water resistant capacity.

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5.Titan Edge Men’s Rectangular Designer Watch:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2051]

Titan is a very well-known brand in the Watches segment. The specialty of the brand is that this brand tries to give you a great and different variety from others by experimenting with new innovative ways in its Watches. You can trust the quality with closed eyes.

This rectangular watch is unique in two ways to other men’s rectangular watches. The first is that this not only suits your professional attire but also your casual wear, which is the most amazing thing about this watch.

Secondly it is the very very thinnest watch, just beyond your expectations. The display is ultra slim with the thickness of 3.8mm. Also a high end scratch proof display is there with a clear sapphire crystal window. This makes this watch a perfect daily wear watch.

The dial is rich black in color with no hour marks. The dial is clean and clear and very easy to read. The design looks very unique and elegant.

The leather bands of the watch are good in quality and very durable. It feels smooth and soft on your wrist and does not sweat on your skin.


  1. 3.8mm thick, this is the slimmest rectangular face watch.
  2. This watch suits your professional as well as your casual attire.
  3. Good scratch proof display, best for daily use.
  4. The watch looks very expensive and elegant.
  5. Water resistant up to 99feet.
  6. Leather quality is just up to the mark.


  1. There is no seconds hand.
  2. Less water resistance capacity.

6.Bulova Men’s Rectangular Watch 98D111:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2053]

In the rectangular watches segment, this watch from Bulova is most loved by the men in 2021. The reason behind that is its distinct design which is very different. The silver diamond markers on its patterned rich black dial look amazingly enticing.

Just look at the dial once it looks very unique. There is a rich textured black design with silver quartz hands and silver diamonds as hour markers. Also a Bulova branding on top center of the dial. The complete contemporary design of this watch will catch the eyes of people.

Lets come to the bracelet, the bracelet is also very unique. The silver-black tone with a zigzag textured design looks very distinct and amazing. Also there is a deployment closure clasp to adjust perfectly on your wrist.

There is a one more nice feature in this watch that is if you dont want to use the watch for a long time then you can just pull out its crown and the hands will stop. By doing this you can save its battery if the watch is not in use for a long time.

The Japanese Quartz movement is used in this watch which serves the best accuracy in the watch and also this watch is water resistant up to 99feet but not suitable for bathing or swimming.


  1. Unique Contemporary Design.
  2. Look like an very expensive watch.
  3. Can suite your casual as well as professional attire.
  4. Pull out the crown and save the battery function.
  5. Long battery life.
  6. Adjustable deployment closure clasp.
  7. Water Resistant up to 30meters (99feet)
  8. Sleek, slim and light weight.


  1. Less water resistance capacity.

7. Seiko Men’s Solar Rectangular Watch SNE462:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2055]

Solar watches are very popular in 2021. Because you don’t need to replace the battery for 8 to 10 years. This rectangular face watch by Seiko is also solar-powered and beautifully designed.

The combination of black dial and golden stainless steel bracelet is very attractive also there is a silver diamonds design on the hour marks which looks great with the combination of gold and black color.

If you are looking for a watch that specifically suits your professional attire then go with this watch with closed eyes. Because the quality and style of this watch conveys a very rich look.

The watch’s weight is amazingly low it is just 11.2 ounces and very sleek and slim. Also in this watch you are getting a date window which normally does not come in other Rectangular Men’s Watches.

You are getting Japanese Quartz Movement in this watch which is very good for accuracy. Case diameter is 36mm and does not look too big and bulky.


  1. No need to replace the battery.
  2. Watch looks very expensive but it is affordable.
  3. Japanese Quartz movement serves best accuracy.
  4. Watch is slim and sleek and very light weight.
  5. Watch is water resistant up to 99feet (30meters) not suitable for swimming or bathing.


  1. Less water resistance capacity.

8.GUESS Ionic Plated Rectangular Men’s Watch U0298G1:

Best Mens Rectangular Watches
[wptb id=2057]

Though the brand does not specifically belongs to the watchmaking but the clothing and fashion industry. Still, the watches made by this brand are unique and of high quality. If you are investing money in this brand then do not worry you will get the full value for your money.

This rectangular watch by Guess is popular among men due to two main reasons first its unique design and second for its Enamel Black Diamond Dial. Producing an Enamel dial is very costly and mostly this dial is used for luxury watches.

If you love Black color watches then definitely you will fall in love with this watch. The elegant Enamel black dial is very attractive. There are two genuine diamonds are placed at the 12 and 6-hour marks which adds more charm to the watch. And the silver hands on a completely black watch makes it look very expensive.

The watch has Stainless Steel Polished Black Ionic Plated Mesh Bracelet. Mesh bracelet is made from metal wires, it gives a very sophisticated look to the watch. And this kind of bracelet is very durable. The bracelet also has a deployment buckle and very easy to adjust according to your wrist size.


  1. Rich Enamel Dial
  2. Very unique and elegant looking watch.
  3. Affordable Price.
  4. Water Resistant up to 165feet.
  5. Suit your casual as well as professional attire.
  6. Long battery life


  1. A little thick watch.

9.Titan Men’s Rectangular Karishma Watch Black:

[wptb id=2059]

The best thing about this watch is that it is under $100 and serves the premium quality. If you look at the looks, the design, the bracelet, it looks like a very expensive watch but it is really affordable.

The Titan has a very good reputation and goodwill in the watch industry and making high-quality watches since a very long time. This timepiece is also amazingly designed and launched at a very competitive price.

If you even compare this watch with other men’s rectangular brand watches like Seiko, Fossil, Bulova then it is nowhere lesser in quality.

The color combination of golden and black is very enticing and attractive. On the dial, there are gold hour markers and gold-tone hands add more charm to the dial and face of the watch. The quartz movement is used in this watch and the accuracy is really good.


  1. The watch looks very expensive and premium.
  2. It is very affordable.
  3. Brand reliability of Titan.
  4. Water resistant up to 99feet not suitable for swimming and bathing.
  5. Long Battery Life.


  1. Little difficult to read at dark or in low light conditions.
  2. Less water resistance capacity.

10. Peugeot Men’s Rectangular Shape Wrist Watch with Genuine Leather Strap Band

[wptb id=2062]

The brand Peugeot is known for its solid quality watches at a very affordable price. So even if you are investing $50 then definitely you will get a good quality watch from Peugeot. And this watch also does justice with quality.

The four things we found in this watch makes it a must buy watch. The first is its looks, the combination of textured white dial, silver case and brown leather makes it look very expensive.

Second thing that we liked about this watch is you are getting a lifetime warranty and a lifetime free battery replacement from Peugeot.

Thirdly the dial is very clean and easy to read so if you have weak eyesight or you want to gift it to your grandparents then definitely, you should go with this watch.

Fourthly the leather quality of straps is quite good than you can even expect from a $50 watch. It feels soft and smooth on your wrist and also very durable.

Last but not least this watch is way cheap than you can think. It is just under $50 but keeps the qualities of an expensive watch. Also, the watch is water-resistant up to 99feet. but not suitable for swimming and bathing.


  1. An affordable watch but looks expensive.
  2. Design is very unique.
  3. A daily wear business watch.
  4. Nice quality of leather straps
  5. Japanese Quartz movement serves nice accuracy.
  6. Water resistant up to 99feet.


  1. The watch face is a little large.

11.Armitron Men’s Rectangular Swarovski Leather Strap Watch:

[wptb id=2064]

If you are looking for a good quality cheap men’s rectangular watch under $25, then you can’t find a better option than this watch.

Although the brand is not that reliable but the watch is reliable. Because when you see you will find it is a cheap rectangular bestseller men’s watch on Amazon. And lots of people have shared their positive reviews about this watch.

You must be thinking that why people have loved this watch, even if the brand is not that reliable. Let us tell you the secret, this watch is admired because of its design and looks and its price that is just $22.

The silver case with black and blue tone dial gives a very premium and bold look to the watch. Also Swarovski crystal marker adds more attraction to the watch. The leather quality of the straps is kind of OK. The watch is more valuable than its price $22.


  1. Cheap price watch but the quality and design is good.
  2. Water Resistant Capacity up to 165feet.
  3. The watch does not look as cheap as its price. Though it looks very premium and good quality watch.
  4. Bestseller cheap watch on Amazon.


  1. Very small wristband
  2. The battery is not up to the mark.


It is very time-consuming to research and find out best watch for yourself. In this buying guide, we have thoroughly researched each watch and filtered the best men’s rectangular watches for you.

You will notice that we have covered almost all the good quality brands and compared the prices. We have given preference to affordable men’s rectangular watches. The price of the above-mentioned watches varies between $25-$400. The best part is all these rectangular watches are highly rated on Amazon and hits the best selling charts.

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